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Hey guys, two Help-Japan links:

I'm riding on Sei's coattails and joining the Help-Japan fandom donation drive over at LJ. So I'll also be drawing a sketch of whatever fanfic the talented Sei ends up writing, based on the winning bid. The talented [ profile] morphaileffect also has a versatile offer up that's pretty tempting, since she's a freaking great writer and also didn't specify a word limit ( :D~ ). Please have a look at the offers, and bid if you wish:

Sei's Offer | Morphaileffect's Offer

Or just have a browse at what's available at [ profile] help_japan and bid on what you like.

A few links:

No Sellout - The Secret Malcolm X Tape w/ The FBI
~ A secretly-recorded conversation between two FBI agents and Malcolm X. The agents wanted Malcolm X to agree to give out the contact details of the people who attended his parish. It's awesome listening to them get scorned.

Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim 'Batman of Paris'
~ A good rundown + commentary on the recent controversy regarding Nightrunner.

The Daily Show - Batman's Muslim Sidekick
~ The Daily Show looking into the previous issue. XD
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Just your garden-variety fanart recs post. I think I was doomed as soon as I stumbled across luulala's gallery. And Gobeur's. Title + art excerpt + notes follow.

Malik, Altair by luulala

~ I rarely have one favorite fanart in an entire fandom, but this one would be it for AC.

Ezio and Altair by luulala

~ more from the same artist, cross-generation slash ftw~

Look Ezio, isn't it amazing? by Gobeur

~ I had no idea that the "Leo" in this fanart was Leonardo da Vinci. Or that I'd fall so hard for the char when I played AC2. :( sorry, dude.

cutting the rest to spare your reading page... )

I wanted to include fanart involving Altair's water solubility (because one doesn't really get into this fandom without making fun of the master assassin's inability to swim), but I can't find one that I adore enough. :( Oh, well.

Also, I just figured out why Altair strikes me as funny most of the time. That damned cowl. The way it hides his eyes isn't the same as when it hides Ezio''s not menacing or anything. Kind of reminds me of this guy:

And it definitely doesn't help that he seems to have a perpetual question mark over his head throughout AC1. Or does stupid shit that has Malik wanting to tear out his other arm and beat him senseless with it.

There's also something to be said about projecting a player's thoughts into the char. XD

[ profile] summerbreeze21: I SPENT LIKE
[ profile] summerbreeze21: A GOOD 10 MINS
[ profile] summerbreeze21: RUNNING AROUND THIS ONE AREA
[ profile] summerbreeze21: IN FRONT OF THE ACRE GATE
[ profile] lyntek: WHY
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AFTER I SAVED A CITIZEN
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AND THE GUARDS WERE CHASING ME
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AND THE STATUS WAS REDREDREDRED
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AND THERE WERE SO MANY
[ profile] summerbreeze21: I THOUGHT RUNNING WOULD BE A BETTER IDEA
[ profile] summerbreeze21: D:
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Apollo Justice Case 5 (Gyakuten Saiban fan game)
~ from [ profile] gyakuten_saiban. Fan-made and professional-looking Ace Attorney game, set post-Apollo Justice. Promises 7+ hours of gameplay. Check out the thread for more details + the download link. The game also needs the PyWright Casemaker in order to run, which can be downloaded here (place the Turnabout Substitution folder into the "games" folder of the PyWright app, then run PyWright).

Do Big Cats Like Catnip?
~ nabbed from [ profile] wikdsushi ♥ Big cats being drunk cute!

'adult English' according to Date )
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[A Muslim Cartoonist on "Draw Muhammad Day"]
~ I love this article. Well worth a read.

Meanwhile, a bit of Harvest Moon...

Ahtze: You gonna hate this. Good luck finding the npc as it is not shown on the map at all. :)

Naranja_Limones: You damn kids. Why, back in MY day we didn't even HAVE a map. We had to run around town for most of the DAY trying to find one person to give them some odd weed from the top of the dang MOUNTAIN, for MINIMUM LP.

Sadly true.

you're some kind of fabulous retard, aren't you )

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Jul. 26th, 2010 02:37 am
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[Hands On Firefox 4 Beta]
~ Mozilla seems to have taken a few cues from Google Chrome, and improved upon them if the reviews hold true. A little wary of bugs at this point, but thinking about trying it out soon.

[Super Mario on Violin]
~ So awesome. It's not just a Super Mario music cover, the guy plays the whole playthrough music + sound effects with his violin. XD

[Dolls and Toys that Creep Us Out]
~ Doesn't really look all that scary when they're laid out like this on a bright screen, but I'm sure these things would scare the living crap out of me in a darkened room.

[Eight Fairy Tales and Their Not-So-Happy Endings]
~ I'm surprised this didn't include a mention in Cinderella where one of the stepsisters cut off the heel of her own foot so that it would fit into the shoe and fool the prince. Two bastard birds ratted her out while they were on horseback, and the prince saw that her shoe was filling up with blood. He just rode back home and returned her then demanded more of the stepmother's daughters ("SHOW ME MOAR DAUGHTERS, BITCH, THIS AIN'T THE RIGHT ONE"). :/ Not an ending I guess, but close enough.

[Some dude deep-fried his motherboard]
~ ... then played Quake 3 with it. And made fries during.

[Nailing jelly to a wall: is it possible?]
~ A bit old, but I love the amount of time and dedication spent on making this post.

[Details on the Stabbing at the San Diego Comic Con]

[White Collar's Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer doing a dance game]
~ White Collar's boys continue to be adorable outside of their roles ♥

[(Bliss Scanlation) Revaival]
~ That's not a typo on my part, that really is the title. One of the most amazing Sengoku Basara doujinshi ever. Chapter 4 almost made me baw (then again, I baw easy). Kojuuro ♥. Chapter 5 still in the process of being scanlated, looks like.

[First Look at Moffat's Sherlock]
~ Upcoming BBC series on a modern-day revival of Sherlock Holmes, from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

["yeah that's not what I was looking for at all"]
~ Missing cat = not funny. I hope the lady found her kitty again. But couldn't resist David's sense of humor in this post. His entire site's worth a browse for some fun, everyday humor.

[Official Vampires Suck Trailer]
~ "From the guys who couldn't sit through another vampire movie" XD

And just 'cause it is awesome, Leyte Dance Theater's version of Singkil:

I think just about every elementary/high school student here in the Philippines has had a go at a version of Singkil (back in the day, anyway). If it wasn't Singkil, it was Tinikling or Pandango sa Ilaw. Or one of the harvest dances. Anyway. Good times.

Considering making a few pimp posts soon (Sengoku Basara and probably Yoroiden Samurai Troopers). ♥

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