Mar. 15th, 2011

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Hey guys, two Help-Japan links:

I'm riding on Sei's coattails and joining the Help-Japan fandom donation drive over at LJ. So I'll also be drawing a sketch of whatever fanfic the talented Sei ends up writing, based on the winning bid. The talented [ profile] morphaileffect also has a versatile offer up that's pretty tempting, since she's a freaking great writer and also didn't specify a word limit ( :D~ ). Please have a look at the offers, and bid if you wish:

Sei's Offer | Morphaileffect's Offer

Or just have a browse at what's available at [ profile] help_japan and bid on what you like.

A few links:

No Sellout - The Secret Malcolm X Tape w/ The FBI
~ A secretly-recorded conversation between two FBI agents and Malcolm X. The agents wanted Malcolm X to agree to give out the contact details of the people who attended his parish. It's awesome listening to them get scorned.

Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim 'Batman of Paris'
~ A good rundown + commentary on the recent controversy regarding Nightrunner.

The Daily Show - Batman's Muslim Sidekick
~ The Daily Show looking into the previous issue. XD

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