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yeah, I went there )

Suz526 has already uploaded freaking awesome videos of the whole concert. View them here. (snugs [personal profile] summerbreeze21 for the link)

And make sure to watch Fever. 8D~

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Ten things the Philippines bus siege police got wrong
~ shared by the sibling entity

I wasn't aware the whole thing was taking place until I was told at nightfall, so I missed the "lost opportunity to disarm the gunman" bit. That was...argh. WTH. The inability to appease the gunman's demands just made me go WTF during the whole thing as well. His demands didn't even sound that large, and anything a hostage taker/kidnapper asks for during the crime can be nullified later since it falls under duress.

lsjflasjfljf. ==
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I have very mixed feelings about people using a culture foreign to their own if it's merely for the sake of having something "ethnic" or "exotic" in a story. On one hand, it's extremely flattering that others are taking an interest -- and if the story is engaging enough, it might even get more people to do the same. On the other, it has so much potential for encouraging stereotypes and spreading wrong information.

I just have a lot of feelingz )

This poster is also awesome. Nabbed from [ profile] nothingtrue:

And Altair apparently doesn't really mean eagle, but I'mma stop nitpicking now.

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