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I'm going on a self-imposed hiatus from the Assassin's Creed fandom until the PC release next year. Which means no AC LJ communities, no DA groups, no fics, and no kink meme. (sobs)

This is just depressing in ways I didn't predict. See you guys again in around 5 months or so. =_= Sigh.
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But at least we still get awesome Leo hugs :X~ ♥

His clothes are also now Borgia-red and sporting branches everywhere. AND YEAH, LEO-TANKS!

View the entire trailer here from [ profile] farlist. ♥ That included trailer of Alan Wake's "The Writer" also looks amazing.
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Just your garden-variety fanart recs post. I think I was doomed as soon as I stumbled across luulala's gallery. And Gobeur's. Title + art excerpt + notes follow.

Malik, Altair by luulala

~ I rarely have one favorite fanart in an entire fandom, but this one would be it for AC.

Ezio and Altair by luulala

~ more from the same artist, cross-generation slash ftw~

Look Ezio, isn't it amazing? by Gobeur

~ I had no idea that the "Leo" in this fanart was Leonardo da Vinci. Or that I'd fall so hard for the char when I played AC2. :( sorry, dude.

cutting the rest to spare your reading page... )

I wanted to include fanart involving Altair's water solubility (because one doesn't really get into this fandom without making fun of the master assassin's inability to swim), but I can't find one that I adore enough. :( Oh, well.

Also, I just figured out why Altair strikes me as funny most of the time. That damned cowl. The way it hides his eyes isn't the same as when it hides Ezio''s not menacing or anything. Kind of reminds me of this guy:

And it definitely doesn't help that he seems to have a perpetual question mark over his head throughout AC1. Or does stupid shit that has Malik wanting to tear out his other arm and beat him senseless with it.

There's also something to be said about projecting a player's thoughts into the char. XD

[ profile] summerbreeze21: I SPENT LIKE
[ profile] summerbreeze21: A GOOD 10 MINS
[ profile] summerbreeze21: RUNNING AROUND THIS ONE AREA
[ profile] summerbreeze21: IN FRONT OF THE ACRE GATE
[ profile] lyntek: WHY
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AFTER I SAVED A CITIZEN
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AND THE GUARDS WERE CHASING ME
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AND THE STATUS WAS REDREDREDRED
[ profile] summerbreeze21: AND THERE WERE SO MANY
[ profile] summerbreeze21: I THOUGHT RUNNING WOULD BE A BETTER IDEA
[ profile] summerbreeze21: D:
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Most of the things I didn't like or was dissatisfied with in AC1 were pretty much fixed and then improved upon in AC2. Love, love, love the game, despite the simplistic story arc and the ninja ending.

The following review is a little spoilery, btw.

First, the bad...

better writers plz )

Then the good...

Leonardo da Vinci has never been cuter )

A few quotes I loved...

'I mean besides vaginas' )

Ugh, missed a few that I wanted to jot down, mostly from Caterina Sforza. Anyway...

A few in-game caps...

♥ Leap of Faith ♥

Also shameless use of these two promo images as my celphone's wallpaper and screensaver respectively:

My system couldn't run the game at full graphics all the time, especially with large crowds or in grassy areas. So no caps of action scenes or more interesting events :/ Lots of those around the Net already, anyway.

There's a prequel in the form of movie shorts that Ubisoft released recently called Assassin's Creed: Lineage, totaling 35 minutes. The story shows scenes of Ezio's father, Giovanni Auditore, and his life as an assassin. ♥

Ubisoft's developing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, a direct sequel to II with Ezio still the main protagonist (more Ezio! And Leonardo's still there ♥). They've announced that Assassin's Creed III will have a new protagonist though, so Ezio's story will end with Brotherhood.

ETA: fixed the broken image links, sorry about that
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Date would be disappoint at how late to the pa-di I am, but oh well.

'And in the end, you'll have only yourself to, who speak of good intentions.' )


Jul. 29th, 2010 05:24 pm
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Found this in my inbox a few days ago. Kingdom of Loathing writes one of the most adorable "come back and play our game again" e-mail. XD

I figured I'd make you a mix CD, but I couldn't decide what 'our song' was... )
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[A Muslim Cartoonist on "Draw Muhammad Day"]
~ I love this article. Well worth a read.

Meanwhile, a bit of Harvest Moon...

Ahtze: You gonna hate this. Good luck finding the npc as it is not shown on the map at all. :)

Naranja_Limones: You damn kids. Why, back in MY day we didn't even HAVE a map. We had to run around town for most of the DAY trying to find one person to give them some odd weed from the top of the dang MOUNTAIN, for MINIMUM LP.

Sadly true.

you're some kind of fabulous retard, aren't you )

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