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I'm going on a self-imposed hiatus from the Assassin's Creed fandom until the PC release next year. Which means no AC LJ communities, no DA groups, no fics, and no kink meme. (sobs)

This is just depressing in ways I didn't predict. See you guys again in around 5 months or so. =_= Sigh.
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My initial intention was to paint him straight up, ie just a portrait shot with the normal red hat, red cape (yeah capes!), and that rainbowfairydoublethosiery thing going on there. So I finished the base face, took a break, browsed around, and saw this from someone in the AC 4chan thread:

"10 bucks they have him in some sort of Templar attire when he's with Cesare. (Why did Leonardo in that whole Templar-type outfit that Lady Gaga wears in Alejandro suddenly come to mind? Seriously.)"

Cannot unsee anymore. Now, I have this:

still a lot of mistakes that need fixing, sorry )

...instead of his red hat.

and now I want to put Cesare somewhere in there and stuff )

+1000 amusement points for the sibling entity calling him "Moenardo" these days, though. XD

I hope I don't lose interest in this fanart before it can be finished. :/ Need to check/answer e-mails soon too, will get around to that.


Aug. 25th, 2010 02:03 am
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This is going to be very weird and fragmented, sorry in advance. Need to type these out before I forget, though.

I just woke up from a really weird dream involving ghosts of relatives I didn't know (one was a little girl, typical Pinay features, fair-skinned though. but black hair and black eyes wearing a white dress), and the dead body of my grandfather lying on a sofa.

I forgot where the little girl fits in, but she was supposedly a relative who had been falsely imprisoned as a child and was haunting that house.

There was a scene where someone dropped by with a lot of gifts. Think it was one of my aunts. I had a feeling they were gifts for people with recently deceased friends or family members. One of them was this large, fancy sheet -- lacy and white. My grandmother took that and went over to where my grandfather's body was (I didn't know it was there until she went to it -- I didn't even know whoever it was was dead until I saw who it was), then she gingerly laid the sheet on him and very carefully tucked the corners of one side around his head.

It was nighttime throughout my entire dream. I can't remember the last time I had a dream where the time of day was defined.

Another part of the dream involved walking around this really small, open-air, makeshift circus thing with my sister, who was trying out various booth games. I remember feeling that there was something very weird about the place, otherworldly, but sister seemed oblivious to it, so I just trailed after her being all watchfully paranoid. I vividly remembered there was this booth where one had to hit the ball (looked like a tennis ball) squarely into the rectangular marks on an old, peeling vertical board (the balls get stuck to the board) to get prizes.

She managed to shoot one squarely in, but a tall, thin teenage boy whose face I couldn't see (he was hunched over and it was dark) tried to take the remaining shots from her, eager to play. She wouldn't allow him to and admonished him, and I remember feeling a spike of fear during that, that angering that silent boy was NOT a good idea. The boy didn't do anything though, but he continued to watch standing to one side while she kept playing.

She finished up and moved on to the next booth. I asked, "What about the prizes?" ("Pa'no 'yung prizes?")

She said, "Later." ("Mamaya na lahat.")

But the booths didn't have prizes. Or if they did, they weren't anything we could touch or carry. Sister kept playing the games despite the lack of incentive, and that struck me as very dangerous at the time.

Like most dreams, more crap happened, but I can't remember any of them anymore. I woke up feeling very weak and heavy, no strength in my fingers. I was waiting for my body to catch up to my being awake and thought the dream was an ill omen, but no one was interacting with the dead right? Then I remembered my grandmother and got pretty fucking worried.

It doesn't help that before I went to sleep, I was aware of my friend IMing me from the comp, but I couldn't make myself go over there and check. I felt like I got dragged down to sleep after that. When I woke up, my body felt like it wanted to go back to sleep, but I was resisting. I couldn't make a fist with my hand, though, and my head felt cloudy.

I'm fairly superstitious (to a degree), especially involving ghosts. I hope this dream was just my subconscious screwing with me, though. And the dream didn't have that "Shit, this is real. This is actually happening" thing I felt when my mom spoke to me soon after her death. So there's that, I guess.

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