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The concert ran late. It did start at 8pm with Paraluman's opening numbers, but after they performed a few songs, Adam didn't appear until a little past 9pm. Not sure if it was due to technical difficulties or something, because the small screen at center stage kept displaying a Windows error. XD

I was happy to see that the audience had a lot more guys than I thought there would be. There was even a young man beside my sister who was wearing a black t-shirt with Adam's face printed on the back. Sibling entity said she kept getting the feeling he wanted to let loose and spazz all over throughout the concert, but he was with an older guy (probably a parent) who never smiled and kept looking around all confused and weirded out.

Young man let loose a couple of times when the concert started, though. He was out-screaming everyone else around him, even. :D

My voice is currently hoarse from all the hooting and the yelling and the screaming of positive feelings and overflowing love for Adam. Then I realized belatedly that all those vidcams recording in front of me were probably getting a good portion of my nonsensical noises on top of Adam's amazing voice. 8D If you're one of those people, I'm really sorry. Kinda.

Seriously though, I know a lot of people would be taking pictures and vids of the concert, but I never really quite realized how disruptive it was for the one taking the vid, and for all the other people behind him/her. It was hard to see Adam through the throng of raised arms holding shiny video cameras way above head level. While taking pictures and woeing at my own low-tech camera, it was extremely hard to actually enjoy the performance. I kind of regret not just putting camera down and just watching the stage and just generally having fun while Adam was singing his first few songs.

Anyway, the concert itself was both amazing and underwhelming. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't heard Adam talking about how atmospheric the Glamnation tour was going to be, and how there'd be lasers and lights, and just a whole lotta glam. It just felt like a straight-up concert -- not many lasers, I think just two or three (?) costume changes, and it only lasted for an hour. It felt rushed and disconnected. Adam didn't talk much either, and what he said felt kinda generic.

BUT. Concert was still very fun. Adam's voice was amazing live -- no complaints about the sound mixing/system/whatever. He sounded awesome. Whenever he hit those anticipated high notes, the crowd went wild. And whenever Adam danced, omgggg. Love how his body's like this sexy muscle-y slinky thing. Unfunf.

Something I never really appreciated before about live performances was how songs I was kind of meh-ish on before sounded really, really good in person. Down the Rabbit Hole sounded amazing. Voodoo was even more awesome. Broken Open was very moving, and considering it was a slow song, the energy among the audience felt like it remained intact. The sibling entity was squeeing happily when Adam and Tommy liplocked during Fever. ♥ FEVER + STRUT = ME IMPLODING.

Everone went crazy when If I Had You started playing, but when Adam urged the audience to sing along with him, the response was disappointingly shy. (Adam: "IF I HAD YOU...?" Audience: "Lifewouldbeslkfsklfdjkf.........:x"). XD

Adam did an encore to shouts of "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!" and sang a lovely, less depressing version of Mad World. Then he left again, and the audience begged for "ONE MORE! ONE MORE!" but no more Adam. :(

The concert itself was satisfyingly packed, but there were a few rows of glaringly empty VVIP seats right in front of us. Sigh.

Some of the audience dressed up in costumes or just generally dressed up. Not that many, though. I thought there'd be more. :( All the glammed up folks I saw were also women. Some of the concert staffers were selling these glowing horned head bands. I...don't really see the connection.

Also, we kept an eye out for the Glambox. The sibling entity spotted one of the concert staff walking around and peddling it -- for Php 1,750 (!!! $40.5). WTH, Sony. Isn't this supposed to just be $23?! (still bought it, though. =_= )

Anyway, that's it. Awesome concert, but felt like it should have been more awesome if they hadn't scrimped on the stage effects. Or on Adam. :( The tickets were expensive, yo. Wish we'd gotten 30 more minutes of his awesome.

Newayz, on to the grainy picspam:

On the way to the concert, in which I was testing the camera's "moving subject" preset and I didn't realize the flash was on and everyone yelled at me. D:

Tokyo Cafe's ChocosomethingsomethingIforgotthename and Peach Cooler. Remembrance fail. A group of teensters a table away was noisily talking about Adam and AI in general. XD

The stage was maybe 40-50 feet away from where we were sitting.

Empty VVIP seats, photo taken at almost 8pm. These got filled up a bit more as 9pm rolled around, but a few rows still remained empty.

They were selling these little foldable binoculars for Php50 at the venue. Cute~

Paraluman takes the stage at 8pm.

The shamelessly-overpriced Glambox. I hate you, Sony.

Paraluman exits, people putter around the stage, everyone's left waiting until a little past 9pm.

Place is pretty packed at this point. Yay for Filipino Time! D:

The video display at the center of the stage wouldn't maximize. Then it displayed a Windows error message. XD

Once the screen was fixed, the crowd was teased with these two images of Adam, kept on display while everyone waited.

A wild Adam appears!

Whee, grainy image spam. Sorry, guys. I'm sure other folks took lots of more nummy HQ pics, though.

I left the concert tired, buzzed, and extremely hoarse from yelling stuff like "WOOOOOOOOOOOO" and "TAKE IT OFF!" etc. (rolls off to bed to sleep for days) ♥ Hope everyone else who went there had fun as well.

Suz526 has already uploaded freaking awesome videos of the whole concert. View them here. (snugs [personal profile] summerbreeze21 for the link)

And make sure to watch Fever. 8D~

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