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Pile on the left = bananas, pile on the right = bananas with chocolate chips.

The black dabs on the surface are the melted chocolate chips. No, really.

I came across this awesome recipe while searching for a good pancake recipe that I can try making from scratch. I'm never really very happy with the store-bought ones, and I kept hearing from others how it tastes so much better if it's homemade. Or something. (It did. But definitely less effort if you just buy the damn thing.)

I used 4 eggs instead of 3 because our local eggs are pretty small. 2 cups of full cream milk was just right to make the batter pourable. I also used chopped bananas instead of strawberries, because store-bought strawberries at this time of year tends to uh...not taste very nice. :x

This was cooked on a pre-heated (and freaking heavy) cast-iron skillet. Using butter instead of oil to coat the surface was probably a mistake, though -- it made some of the pancakes brown and blacken too quickly on the bottom. Next time, I'll try olive oil and lower the heat a bit from medium.

The chocolate chips the sibling entity bought tasted great, but were really melty. They kinda spread and colored all over the pancake after it was turned over on the pan. Not that I cared what it looked like, so long as it tasted great.

After this, I don't think I'll ever eat pancakes plain ever again. The bananas and chocolate really made them way more delicious, and the pancake itself was some fluffy, cakey shit, yo. Nummier than I thought they would be.

The recipe made something like 10 or so large, fluffy pancakes...which was awesome, considering how the amount of ingredients wasn't too overwhelming. If I ever make this again, will just halve the ingredients so there aren't a ton of leftovers.
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